We would like to know which you would prefer. Since we started this social network there have been many improvements in technology where we can have webinars and presentations without leaving our chairs. Or we can create a site specific event to bring writer's together in a physical location. 

The WAENet Team lives in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts. We would be happy to set up a one day or weekend event here in the land of Hawthorne, Melville, and Wharton. We can create the curriculum that you feel will best help you learn what you need to succeed as writers. We can also invite other faculty members to network with you. 

Let us know what interests you, what time of year if we hold an event and any other details you think would be helpful for us.


Deborah Herman 

And the WAENet Team

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It would be easier for Marika and me to be in an online course, thank you.

Hi Pieter, 

Please make sure to let us know your specific needs and interests. We are in the process of designing the course. There will be Q and A of course, but now is the time to have input. Thank you so much for your reply. 

I love the idea of webinars and workshops!

While there is no real substitute for in-person workshops, the distance from where I live (California) is prohibitive.

My interests currently are in picture books and in gaining access to agents who rep them. I'm also interested in middle grade historical fiction and biography.

But I'll be honest, I probably wouldn't pay for a webinar or workshop (even if it was online), unless I felt it was worth the cost to invest in my writing goals. I would, however, tweet and share about it with those I thought might be interested. And I would likely attend a free webinar even if it didn't specifically apply to my situation.

We are 30 year veterans of the publishing industry as top literary agents and I am the author of 12 books including a frontlist book coming out with William Morrow in October. We will be very content rich. You will get a lot out of the first free webinar but if you want to go deeper then the course will be available to you. 

Make sure to be very specific about what you want to know so we can make sure to include it in the introductory webinar. And you can decide if it is suited to your goals. 

And feel free to send me questions through the site. I will try to answer them. 

Thank you for your response. 

Congratulations on your accomplishments! 

If I think of any specific questions, I'll certainly post them. I think right now I just want to know what specific picture book agents are looking for, so that I can better personalize my queries to them. I'd also like to know what associate agents are accepting picture books - but that is something I can find out on my own with a little legwork.

I have many attended online and in-person courses in the past, so I know how valuable they can be. I have no doubt you'll be able to put together a course that blows us all away! I simply meant in my comment above that I am no longer looking to invest in a survey course on writing. I would like more advanced info, but I don't know what I don't know!

Thank you for this wonderful network,



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