I learned about slam poetry when I worked at a residential school for abused girls. I didn't know what to do to keep them from turning on me. I tried everything to keep their attention including doing a silly dance. One girl finally confronted me and asked me what I was doing teaching their creative writing course. I think she might have been referring the the fact that I was white, middle class and looked like a mom. These girls were inner city, many were from foster homes and some were one reprieve short of lockup. What they didn't know is as a writer and literary agent I had been working a great deal with rappers. I learned some of the lingo and knew some of the history. So when they spit slang at me and I answered in kind, respectfully so, they thought it was very entertaining. Then I said for them to show me what they had. What came out of it was amazing and heartfelt poetry. Then we tried out reciting it in class and eventually everyone wanted to take a turn. I saw the power of allowing the voice to find its expression and the joy of speaking in front of an audience. I would love to hear from people who have experience with spoken word poetry. Feel free to post. We would love to hear it. So if you have any youtubes or vimeos share them with us. We appreciate you. 

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