We humans live our lives and experience time. Are we doing all the heavy lifting around here? Does spirit have a role to play, or does it just hand out metaphorical water bottles while we do our laps? 

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The problem with this question ...is the separation of Spirit from matter. The answer is in the fact that there is no separation. Spirit is matter in it's highest vibrational state and matter is Spirit in it's lowest vibrational state......Humans being a most fantastic combination of vibrations ranging from the lowest to the highest.

If by" Spirit" you refer to the Whole, the "Source of All","the One in whom we live and breathe and have our beingness".......I would then venture to say: Spirit is the human being doing laps, the energy that cuases us to swim and the water bottle that refreshes us.

Jeff, Glad to see you back making comments again!..........I am just back myself, testing my stamina on the keyboard after open heart surgery

Jill, Now you'll REALLY have an open heart!

Jill, I like what you say. Your love multiplies outward and heals everyone it touches. 

Thank You Jeff.....that is the highest  compliment that one human being  might hear from another.

Spirit, for me, is like an invisible guiding hand that I might not always see or feel, but I intuitively know that we are one and the same and on the path together. Therefore, whatever I care about, spirit cares about, though I imagine the degree to which we emphasize certain things varies greatly.

Defining what spirit cares about also reminds me of the oft-mentioned phrase, "We are spiritual beings having a human experience." That phrase could imply intention: we chose to be here on this plane of existence at this time to participate in certain emotions, relationships, adventures, etc.

 To me, Spirit is Who We Really Are... and our "human-ness", while we ought to have great compassion for it because that's what we've got, is egocentric by nature and definition and is manifested, along with this world we live in, for whatever reason that I haven't an answer to yet.  As we become more and more aware, we can begin to sense spirit drawing in experiences to help us to heal i.e. see our wholeness, our perfectness, our completeness, just as we are. 

Humanity thinks it is separate from one another and from God but it's an illusion. Note here: I am a student of a Course in Miracles and have been since 2001 and so I've come to the point, for a long time now, where I see the world and myself this way... there is no world AND myself -- We're it.  I'm it.  There isn't anything else OUT  THERE.  Life is lived HERE.  We're here along with everything that seems to be. 

All there is in life is to BE who we are, not some clod of dust struggling to survive.

And, although there is so much more to think about and include in that, there's not more to say -- for me.


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