So this is a Spitiual Writers and women of goodwill and many words. Using your access to the Cosmic Dictionary of Spiritual Terms....maybe we can help each other understand some of the words we hear and use over and over again; starting with the words "spirit and spiritual"......maybe a definition or two for "soul", "heart" "enlightenment". "realization" "avatar", "master" or "God"......any term you personally have been wrestling with is welcome to the list.......

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Goddess is one I've been wrestling with for some time.

To me, in our yin/yang world, it means the feminine aspect of the divine, but that's so limited and would love to hear what others think. Many people believe it represents a female deity, often endowed with supernatural abilities. Some believe there's one in all of us.

Is it something to worship? To embody? Best left to the realms of ancient myth?


I think the word goddess is used very loosely these days and refers in current new age contexts as the Divine Feminine.....the attributes of Divine that receive, nurture and create. In Hinduism, much more ancient than New Age LOL.... gods and godesses are real created beings......with various powers granted to each of them upon their creation by the One Divinity. I personally feel that the word goddess has been trivialized. If you study at all in depth the goddesses of Hinduism you will see what I mean. Now...I know very little of the Greek goddesses but I believe they were actually modeled after the ancient Hindu goddesses.

So this may be a personal decision on how deeply you want to embrace and know the term, before you use it....actually that's probably a good idea for most words isn't it?

Spiritual - realizing that there is more to life than this physical realm we inhabit here on Earth

Spirit -  a being who is not from this physical realm

Soul - one third of my being - body, mind and soul. That part of me closest to God.

Heart - my main physical connection to God, through my heart chakra

Enlightenment - We are all evolving to enlightenment - moving from the dark to the light. We become truly enlightened when we realize that we no longer need to seek the light, because we are the light.

God - an indifinable being, but our closest desciption is Unconditional Love.



I think I would particularily like to hear peoples definition of "spirit" and "soul". it also seems these are 4 words instead of 2, as Spirit with a capital "S" and Soul with a capital "S" mean different things in most esoteric literature. The capital S referring to a broader, larger and even perhaps infinite version of the word with a lower case.

Lorelle's definition of Spirit as a "being not from the physical realm" seems to define the ghostly type of spirit....where as many people in this spiritual writer's group seem to use Spirit as a synonym for God....the all pervading energy that is the Cause of all beingness......

Ahhhh Beingness! that's another good one to play of my favorites.





Each word's meaning is in the eye's of the beholder, and probably has a lot to do with their personal religion, or the fact that they have no organized religion. 

For some that I've talked to, being "Spiritual" to them means 'going to Church every Sunday.' The reading of the Bible on a daily basis, but not thinking and meditating on what the words mean. The 'book-learning' to quote any scripture to defend one's beliefs. To me, that is the definition of being "Religious," and not "Spiritual."

For me, Spirituality is the seeking out of the Deeper Meaning of Life, seeking to peek behind the veil of what Man has decided is 'out there' and seek out the 'Out There.'

We are all Spiritual Beings, have a Soul (that deeper part of us that lies beyond the illusion, that connects All of Us to each Other), and the ability to express that Spirituality is, as that Teacher said a couple of thousand years ago, "By Your actions will They know You."

As a Writer/Creative, it comes down to how I express that Deeper level in my work. How do I use what knowledge that I have gained to uplift without preaching, or cause others to question what they 'know' in favor of knowing on that Deeper level.

My shortest poem goes: "Enlightenment is a funny biz/ when you just are/ The World/ just/ is."


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