What is the publishing climate for Spiritual writing today? If you have published your work please share with us how you are doing so and what kind of support you are finding among your readers. We want to know. Thank you. 

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Hi Deborah,

Thanks for asking. I published my memoir "Thinking My Way to the End of the World" this year - whether or not it's "spiritual" raises so many questions I think it would take a long, juicy, wonderful discussion to decide. My journey as a young man was decidedly not spiritual - in fact as I pushed away from my religion I became increasingly secular which led me off the edge of a cliff. With no understanding of my spiritual purpose I was lost. Of course, during those times I had no idea that I needed spirituality - in fact ignorance of spirituality was exactly the problem. When I finally hit bottom, thinking I was going to head to the jungle and eat fruit, I found my way back thanks to a conversion experience. Because I'm not sure if it's a spiritual memoir, I don't say anything about spirituality in the title, the back of book, or the blurb. I want it to be seen as the coming of age of a young man who was confused until he found something to believe in. My target audience are memoir writers who are trying to gain courage to dig deep into their own lives and find the story. From that audience my responses have been good.

It's a very strange book to market to a spiritual audience because the secular nature of the early journey is probably not interesting to people looking for a spiritual book. I'd be happy to send a review copy if you are interested. The book took 12 years to write, and I'm so excited about completing it - now I have to figure out how to sell it.


Would love to see the book. Perhaps some of the Waenet members would like to review it for you. Often the book is writing itself while you are living your path. 

I published a book on Amazon The Write Way- A Memoir Of The Muse And His Reluctant Channel. Support that I never knew existed is coming including WAE. Readers is what I pray for now. Thank you for your support.

Hi Sally, 

Make sure to join the other groups on book promotion and marketing. We are adding moderators with a great deal of experience and others can share their pointers as well. 

Congrats on what must have been a gratifying experience. 


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