We are always looking for new series to binge watch. There are a few new series following the format of the classics. What do you think of this series and what are some of your favorites that you can recommend?

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I think the writing is top notch. Building a story around a relatively simple idea is tough to do well, and they definitely, in my opinion, do it well. I didn't care for the episode with the female architect, but I'm opposed to  - what seems to be - the latest trend of using children as bait in order to create tension. But overall I would give Black Mirror 15 stars out of 10. 

Very interesting comment about the trend of using children as bait to create tension. I didn't realize that was a thing. It is not a good thing. I do find that binge watching Black Mirror can create a lot of anxiety as it is too close to home. I have an easier time with Twilight Zone Marathons. 

I've seen the children thing a few times, so maybe it's not an actual 'thing' (there goes my exaggeration) but it's definitely appearing more.  Way too tense for me. 

I see you were at BEA. I had a booth in 2015. Big fun.

Were you there as an author or publisher? I like Book Con. 


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