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I choose Romance as my genre in writing because love itself plays a major role in our lives, and without it life is not complete. That's how it all started by God's love to us in the first place. I also like to address the different types of love in my writing, and not just the passionate kind. We have family bonds, and friends which also delivers admiration and genuine feelings.

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I love the pure escapism to be had in a romance novel. We all dream, but in a romance novel the dream can be stronger, clearer - and about someone else. Romance novels are by and large happy stories, even though there will be tension between the main characters, you're pretty much assured of a HEA. When people are struggling in their every day lives, with personal difficulties, job dissatisfaction, financial strife etc etc, a romance novel offers them an opportunity to forget for a while and feel better, without having to exercise too much grey matter in the process!

I write romance novels, with a few extra layers of solving crimes, dealing with emergencies, dealing with assorted bad guys, and a little suspense thrown in on occasion. Why? Because this is what I like to read. The first time I sat down and wrote a complete novel was because the last couple of books I read didn't satisfy me. It was that, "I could do better than that", syndrome. That's been a long time ago. Going back and reading that one again, well, I could do better than that, and I have.Since then I have written three that I've self published and one that I'm anxiously awaiting editing to be done so I can get it in print, and have three chapters on number five. They are written as a series, however, any one could stand alone. I love writing the books and the few (under 100 per book) people who have read them tell me they really enjoy them. That's another reason why I write them. P.S. Someday I'm going back to do a re write on that first one.

When I discovered the romance genre I knew it was going to play a big part of my writing life. It makes me feel good to read about characters who have gone through Hades and back, to grow and have a happily ever after. At the very least an HEA for now.  I'm so happy that men are discovering why so many women read it. At least 10% of men read romance! That's awesome!


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