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I self-publish, and really like that I can get the books in print so quickly, and out to friends, acquaintances and family within a few weeks of finishing, and having edited. Distribution is the problem. I sell around a hundred copies of each one, more or less in one rural county out of 55 counties in a state people think of as backward. If I could sell that amount in every county in every state in the U.S. I would be a very happy writer.

My romance novel has been out on the streets for a month now with about forty sales.  There is no question that the majority of those sales have been to family, friends, etc. (much like Marilyn's sales).  Marketing, of course, is the key; something I have no interest in doing myself, so my two sons have taken on those responsibilities (thank God).  The feedback so far has been positive with a number of requests for a sequel.  I guess I left the characters hanging just enough that they want to read more.  How to carry the characters into another novel will be the challenging part.

Go for it, Michael, I decided to write a sequel to my first romance novel and it has turned into four finished novels in the series and I'm now working on the fifth. Your characters are already developed. You know them, it should be easier to move on with their further adventures than starting all over with new characters. I have decided this series of mine 'could be' endless when interesting characters that are secondary in one novel, become primary in the next. Have fun with it. I agree with you that I also have little interest in marketing, even though I know it is key to the process. There doesn't seem to be an easy way, I haven't found it yet, anyway.

 I self-publish.  It's been wonderful experience.

I self publish and there are some aspects I really like about it. The marketing I find is difficult. I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogger and am a member of a Fine Arts organization. I've cross posted the art and writing.

My goal is to be a hybrid author. Traditionally published and self publish as well.

Once I have a few more titles out I should be able to get a better idea of everything.

Hugs, Tambra


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