Romance makes up a great percentage of all books traditionally published. For those of you who write in this genre, is it easier to get published? What are the protocols? 

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I am interested in publishing my romance manuscript.  Can you help me. 

I don't believe it is easier to get published in romance by traditional publishers. As a former content editor for small press and electronic publishers, I know they accepted manuscripts that should never have been published. These writers did not have a grasp of the basics of writing. Point of View and show don't tell were two of the problems I dealt with frequently.

I should not have had to explain point of view, show don't tell, scene and sequel or GMC (goal, motivation and conflict.)

My point is any genre you must know the tropes of whatever genre fiction you're writing, have a good solid writing foundation. Harlequin offers guidelines and pitches to their editors. If you want to write romance you need to read it. Reader and editors know by your writing if you love genre.

Protocols: Read and study the genre. Usually what you like is what you'll end up writing. Learn the craft of writing (as with any area of writing.) There are organizations such as Savvy Authors and Romance Writers of America if you're interested in learning this area of writing.

I hope I didn't offend anyone. I've had 10 short stories and a novella published, all romance.



Hi Peggy,

I only publish my own work. Are you looking for a small electronic publisher or a traditional publisher?

Romance Writers of America has local and online chapters as well as a monthly magazine.

Savvy Authors is an online group which features writers of all genres and some amazing workshops in all areas. I've taught for Savvy Authors and taken courses from them.

Indie Romance Ink is a Yahoo group for authors self or Indie Publishing.

Facebook has groups for authors and readers.

Harlequin has an online community that provides good writing information if you're looking to write category and single title.

My blog has some posts regarding my top favorite writing how-to books and some articles on the craft of writing. It's: Author and Visual Artist Tambra Nicole Kendall-Sas

I hope my suggestions are helpful!

Hugs, Tambra


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