Is there a way to introduce and sustain a division of romance titles specifically for the untapped male audience? Maybe it can't be called "Romance". The mere effort would generate a lot of publicity, and women readers might buy them for men. Jeff

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I used to belong to Romance Writers of America. Back then 10% of our readers were men. It may be even more now. Authors like Sherrilyn Kenyon (one of my favorites!) have snagged male readers with her Dark Hunters series and The League. Strong characters, action and a fast paced plot have shown these readers how good romance can be. I think its wonderful men are discovering romance writers and enjoying what we have to offer them as readers.

I think what Jane Colt has mentioned is part of the equation but not all. I believe as romance writers write heroes that men find believable they will read about monogamous relationships. As I mentioned above, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Angela Knight write heroes guys can relate to, they talk, think and act like men. Not all men like or want to read porn.

Great question!

I write romance and have a few men who follow me. Most of my books are adventurous romance or dramatic romance. The books are marketed to reach an audience beyond women. My covers generally reflect the content to some degree without scantily dressed men and women in prom dresses.

Current work in progress is the exception to my norm as I'm challenged to write a sweet romance.

Deborah Kemper, that's great you have some male followers! I would love to have male followers. A great story, a happy ending. I think it should work for both sexes.


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