I was watching a ghost hunting show on the travel channel and it was the kind of thing where I wanted to turn it off but I couldn't. It was fascinating and terrifying at the same time. I believe in ghosts and spirits and I can tell you I would never stay overnight in a place I know is haunted by crazy or evil spirits. On this particular show the ghost hunters went into a prison that had been shut down. They seemed to really be asking for trouble. They were getting some EVPs. I would love to know how you feel about such things and whether or not it is prudent for people to mess with angry spirits or is this just harmful fantasy and good television. 

Has anyone experienced Electronic Voice Phenomenon? It is really an interesting science. I don't want to be scared alone. Share with me what you think. 

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Just noticed that Zak Bagans, of Ghost Adventures fame, has purchased the alleged Indiana Demon House for a sum of $35,000.00. As per a recent interview posted on Twitter, Zak plans to conduct investigations on site for his show. According to the article I read, this house is widely considered to be some sort of demonic portal, and the last family who lived there experienced all kinds of scary phenomena like poltergeists, witnessed levitations (by the police captain and clergy), and posessions requiring Exorcism. I am intrigued by Zak's plan to investigate and the kind of evidence he might be able to obtain, but I hope he will also make use of the opportunity as a chance to model caution and respect for that which can be very dangerous, and not just the art of provocation. Should be very interesting.


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