I was watching a ghost hunting show on the travel channel and it was the kind of thing where I wanted to turn it off but I couldn't. It was fascinating and terrifying at the same time. I believe in ghosts and spirits and I can tell you I would never stay overnight in a place I know is haunted by crazy or evil spirits. On this particular show the ghost hunters went into a prison that had been shut down. They seemed to really be asking for trouble. They were getting some EVPs. I would love to know how you feel about such things and whether or not it is prudent for people to mess with angry spirits or is this just harmful fantasy and good television. 

Has anyone experienced Electronic Voice Phenomenon? It is really an interesting science. I don't want to be scared alone. Share with me what you think. 

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Here is where I am coming from. I like to go listen to people talk about near-death experiences and after-death communication and out-of-body-experiences and mystical experiences. Ghost hunting shows seem way, way down the list in programs that reveal how I can improve my life. I would so much rather hear about how someone left his body and experienced ecstasy. I also do not like how these ghost shows are so formula-driven and include teasers galore all through the show. Let's get some substance! Let's get some light.

They drag out one thing forrrreeeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeerrrrrrr. Have you heard any EVPs? I am working with two writers who are members of the site who do them. It is really uncanny. I want more of the positive stuff where we can learn what it is like on the other side. These channels look for shows with only fear and shock value. 

If you want to talk excitement, check out Julia Assante, PhD, who just came out with "The Last Frontier." I heard her talk in the SF Bay Area at an IANDS group. Just get a little dose of her and research she is involved in and ghost hunting shows become SO BORING by contrast. For example, and as woo-woo as it sounds, there's research going on on how to invent phones that allow humans to talk to spirits. Sounds nuts but then at one time so did our normal phones. Julia is both an academic and a medium of 30 years. You can find her on YouTube, too. Her book is awesome.

I don't think that is nuts at all. My friends have done a documentary on EVP. The work that has been done leads me to believe that this technology is more than possible. Thanks for the recommendation. Will check out the book. 

I believe ghosts are real. I don't believe that particular show is respectable. The EVP's seem legit, but how they prod the spirits to react is disrespectful and crude. They just makes themselves look bad. If you're interested in this subject, perhaps you should look into local paranormal or ghost groups. There's usually a yearly fee for the ones with the equipment, but it can be a lot of fun and you meet others with similar interests.

I kinda like taking a look from far away. I feel Spirits when I am in certain places but I would not want to antagonize them. No one could pay me enough money to spend the night in the dark in some of those places. Would love to hear any stories you might have. Thanks for the reply. 

Would be interesting to see more shows (if there have to be ghost shows) where psychics or mediums approached them with love and respect and healing, I know there are people who do this, but it's not show business. It's love.

I've only seen Ghost Adventures once, but from experience, I know these shows are harmful to people and spirits. As the manager of the Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series, I have new students come to our ghost hunting classes thinking they should be rude and provoke spirits. I've had amazing experiences by filling myself with love and looking for honest interaction with spirits. My life is richer and my relationship with God is very good. As for EVP, I believe most of it is what the person recording wants to hear. I do believe in it, but think it is much rarer than the TV shows make people believe. Paranormal investigating can widen and enrich a person's spirituality, as it has mine. I've received proof that the soul lives on and that death is nothing to fear.

I like this a lot, the "filling myself with love" part. I would love to see more of that kind of thing. I have similarly noted that the one or two different shows I have seen about NDEs (I Survived ... Beyond and Back being one) so much of the emphasis is on the dying part ... not so much on the what happened later part. It's as if surviving is the big deal here, not the implication of what happens later and what that would mean to our world if it were more commonly known. People who have profound NDEs don't make a big deal about their injuries. They make a big deal about what they found out-of-body. But the shows stick to the same tired theme ... how close to death did she come? Ooooh, scary. I would love for paranormal TV to grow up.

I agree completely with you, Joshua. I just finished reading "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who had an NDE. It's a fascinating book. But I don't think you need to have an NDE to have a similar transformative experience. I had similar outcomes to Alexander's NDE from spending the night in a haunted hotel with a news crew. The result of my experience led to unexpected revelations that were very similar to Alexander's. At the end of his book, he does say that people can experience the other dimension through meditation and prayer, which I agree with as well. I'd love for you to check out my blog at www.kathleenberry.com/blog   It's interesting that the hotel we spent the night in had been portrayed by a TV ghost hunting show as evil and negative. I found its spirits to be kind, compassionate and polite!


I had an NDE in 1966 which led to a lifelong spiritual quest.  As you say, though, you can have similar experiences through meditation.  I even use NDE as a model for some forms of meditation in my book, "The Prayer of Silence"  (ThomasTwin.com).  However, the NDE does take you very strongly into other levels of consciousness which can not be duplicated in meditation, partly because when the bodily systems are shut down, all you can use for perception are your mind and spirit and, as in my case, I was very conscious of being in a transitional state where I had to decide whether to stay "over there" or return to a badly smashed up body.  That sense of having to make a vital decision is not duplicated in meditation.

Hello Deborah,

Although your question regarding the pros and cons of ghost hunting shows was posted some time ago, I'd like to weigh in on this subject now. After a very terrifying and life-altering experience with the paranormal in 2009-10, I watched my first episode of a popular paranormal television series--think it might have been Paranormal State--soon after, and for the next few years became quite fascinated by any/all things related to the paranormal on tv. Why? Because, to a large degree, these shows validated my own personal experiences...helping me feel less isolated and alone. They empowered me with enough courage to actually write our story. Now, however--and some five years after the fact--I only occasionally tune in to see what's new in the way of monitoring techniques and devices. Mostly, I tune into shows based on testimonials and intriguing paranormal experiences, similar to my own. Although I do believe that these shows have opened up the eyes, minds and consciousness of many die-hard skeptics, for which I'm thankful, I disagree with some of the tactics--and attitudes--employed (in certain, specific episodes) by the more light hearted, 'all-in-good-fun' types of ghost hunting crews. These are made for television encounters with spirits, so we have no way of knowing how accurate the results of their sometimes outrageous provocations are, but this type of role-modeling strikes me as irresponsible and extremely dangerous...especially when presented to the public in the context of a light hearted, "Let's commence the lock-down," kind of way. Perhaps these fellows have developed ways to cleanse and protect themselves from negative attachments, but beyond a few words of caution here and there, they don't go far enough to educate and warn their fans. In fact, I find the entire concept of provocation for the sake of television ratings to be exploitive, disrespectful and downright dangerous. The very spirits targeted in these irresponsible escapades are those with which we have no business opening channels of communication. Thanks for offering an opportunity to spout off! I look forward to reading the opinions of others on this very interesting website.



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