How do you really know? Everything is our perception. When you dream, don't you believe it's real much of the time until you wake up? Have you ever experienced how insane people "really" hear and see and experience things that you "know" aren't real? Have you ever remembered something that didn't really happen, or fail to recall what others insist did happen? If advanced senility causes everything to be wiped-out, and suddenly everyone becomes morbidly senile, does what's real simply shift to nothingness? 

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Good question...Plato asked something similar in his allegory of the cave.  Are we the reality or the shadows reflected on the back of the cave wall. They knew only their own narrow concept of existence but outside were other who carried on with their lives in the sunlight of another world?  

Have you ever had an experience where you felt you had entered another realm?  When people - and their sanity or consciousness - leave "here" where do they go? Who are they once they go there? Do we want to know?

Marilyn, those are questions that would steal my whole day away pondering.  I have just erased a paragraph only to realize I have goals to fullfil today. :)

Could we possibly be nothing more than a reality show for another universe? We very well could be!! Unfortunately, it kills the belief that there are more advanced civilizations than our own. 

This is a book in itself, of course, but I have had this very discussion with source energy in my second ms.  

The whole purpose of incarnating is to prove existence.  Because our sole reason for being is to individuate from source energy and to become.  This becoming is always proving to itself that it is.  If it didn't have confounding thoughts about its existence then there would be no reason to create sense organs.  These organs of sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound, were solely to divide self from not self.  

Even in the same family, perceptions are different. I remember holidays and birthdays differently than my siblings. OUt of the nine of us, each one of us remember something different. Sometimes, the loss of memory is a good thing. As Grammy's memories leave her, she seems to be less there,vacant, but physically she is still here.  

A few nights ago, my husband watched a video on YouTube about the universe being an illusion created by the brain. Interesting... Whatever we believe becomes our reality.       

A lot of this has to do with objectivity. To gain that, recording technology or other types of measuring devices are useful. Applied to the context of mass senility, objective reality can still be determined...


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