Last thursday, I asked my sister to take a photo of me. When I looked at it later I realised it contained some strange bubble images surrounding me. I just thought it was a weird photo until I remembered a topic on capturing spirits on Camera. I went back and examined it in relation to current research. I couldn't believe it! It seemed I had just captured spirits in my backyard and it was not one, but many.

So yesterday, I decided to take more photos in the same spot at the same time. There they were! so many of them in different shapes, size and colours. After about 2hrs, I took more shots and realised most of them were gone. I concluded they converge at that specific time at 7pm. Is my house/backyard haunted? What significance may be attached to the time they converge?

Any more info about this phenomenon?

take a look at the photos below:

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I've never seen that many orbs at one time or in one place. Not even in grave yard. Before I attributed it to paranormal, I would check other explanations. Unsure of where you are located, I might consider pollen in the air, or maybe Dandelions. Normally orbs are not stationary. In the photos I have gotten of a congregation of orbs, there are normally streaks, that look like meteors. Try a time lapse photo or a movie camera and see if you have movement. If not....I would say it is something else.

The fact that this occurred in the early evening tends me to believe that what you are looking at is something other than paranormal.     

What amazing photos! I've never seen so many orbs in one place either. The fact that the orbs converge at a particular time does seem to be environmental, like dust, pollen or insects.

We tend to dismiss spirit signs and give them a rational explanation. In my experience, there is a lot more spirit activity going on in our lives than we imagine.

So, on the other hand... I'm experiencing a time of "signs" where spirit has been trying to get my attention in various ways. Don't dismiss the idea that spirit is trying to get your attention through these photos. Look for other signs. See if anything else happens. Pay attention and maybe you'll get other signs. I have a feeling spirit might be trying to get your attention for some reason.

Love and Light!

Those look like what people call "orbs," which show up on digital cameras but not always on traditional film cameras.  You sure have lots of "ghosts" keeping you company in your neighbourhood.  "Ghosts" usually perceive themselves as having bodies, clothes, etc. but when you take pictures of them they often look like orbs of energy and light.  Renegade Motion Pictures made a series of TV programs on the paranormal (in which I took part) in which they captured orbs and EVP (electronic voice phenomena)  see: .  In order to get the EVP to sound like ordinary voices, they often had to speed up or slow down the playback because the ghosts do not exist in our present time frame and their voices are sometimes at a different frequency than ours.

I just now looked at this post again. Wow. There are a ton of orbs. Was this taken in a particular place that would have spirit activity? Have you learned anything else about the photos. Hope this inspired you to do more digital photography. I wonder if you are an orb magnet. 


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