What are some of the greatest challenges faced by Christian Writers today?

I just had a wonderful time at the HACWN conference in Kansas City and was able to meet a lot of wonderful Christian Writers. I am curious what some of the greatest challenges are now for those of you writing in this Genre. I would like to know about your publishing experiences and how you are finding your audiences. Are there more or less opportunities. Thanks. Deborah

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I'm not sure about opportunity for Christian writers because I've never tried submissions into the specific non-Christian market. However I've found there is less opportunity and less payment for a specific piece today than for my writing before 2008 when the economy turned south.

I also haven't done much work outside the Christian market.  I echo Jan's observation about payment (and even the reduction in the number of author's copies of published work). I'm confident that some of that is somewhat due to the economy as well as the explosion of digital media, which published work is less expensive to produce. 

I have tried for the past five years to get my first book published. I started writing it ten years ago, and every rejection has seen my manuscript revised and polished. After having over twenty friends and family read and review it, I have been told that it is excellent and on par with anything else that has been published. I am thrilled to report that I have recently found a literary agent, willing to represent me. This after a different agent had contracted with me for six months in 2010. So the most difficult thing for me has been to get my foot in the door. Hopefully my platform will prove sufficient for a publisher to see $ signs, when they read my proposal.
It is certainly difficult to keep hope alive and continue to persevere!

It's always a challenge to come out with a declaration and risk the water cooler talk. My first Christian book was a message for the team leaders and members I worked with--naturally, it filtered beyond. I was ready to proclaim my faith and it actually opened more doors. During my book launch I was asked to speak at a church. Along the road, I was pleasantly surprised to know the Christian community is giant...and welcoming!

I'm finishing my second book and find comfort seeking out Christian venues, first. Starting out in a comfort zone gives me the strength to reach out further.


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