Please let us know how you are publishing your book or your work and what kind of presence you have already. Or are you completely confused by the entire subject?

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I've self-published one nonfiction book -- using a service, which in retrospect strikes me as lazy -- which got 19 five-star Amazon reviews but went nowhere.  So now I'm devoting all my free time to learning this business.  The more I read the more I realize how little I know about SEO, covers, pricing, marketing, and indie culture in general.  I signed up for Mark Dawson's 101 course and am reading a lot of Joanna Penn's stuff, all of which is helpful but time-consuming.  My biggest challenge is making time for all this self-education (since I also run a private therapy practice full time) and deciding where to invest my time, energy and money for the best ROI.

The first thing to learn that ROI in this new world of online marketing means Return on Influence not Return on Investment. You are right to think in terms of bang for the buck but perhaps a webinar might help. This is a huge area to master when you might only need to embrace a corner of it to get the results you need. Also keep in mind that it is a marathon and not a sprint. Influence takes time but it also needs strategy. 

Please do not become frustrated. We are here to help. 

Thanks, Deborah. 

My book, Forgive and Be Free, was published by Llewellyn in 2014 (with lots of help from Jeff Herman, my agent - thank you!!). During that year, my partner was dying of cancer and I really couldn't do much publicity, nor did I know how. The book has been translated into 5 languages but I have no idea if it is selling at all. Not much, I think. 

I love and believe in my book as a huge support for people and the peacemaking we need so much in our world! I created an audiobook, which is up on and selling slowly. I've tried FB ads, but they didn't work. I've also written 4 online courses which all support the book in different ways (as companion sources of healing and awakening). My website is undergoing revamping with new logo and fresh look.

So, yes, I need help getting my book OUT to the world. I would love to attend a webinar (depending on the price, what are you thinking re $$?). I don't have time to listen to hours of material. Short and sweet with bullet points, please. I understand this is a big subject and I'm not asking you to dumb it down. Just please be efficient, since this internet world is already overwhelming! Thank you, Ana

if we did it for an hour and a half over several weeks what do you think is a fair cost. I would also include two sessions of private strategy time. I need to cover my time but I don't want to price myself beyond everyone's means. I am also available for a weekend retreat for writers in the Berkshires. Does that interest anyone? It is efficient and having a small class can be helpful. 

I have self-published and gone with traditional publishers, and know that those who self publish have a much bigger task in marketing. But either way, the author is called upon to be a marketer. My comment in this discussion is that too often authors forget not to start with their book and all the various ways we market these days (blogs, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, readings etc) but to start with the reader. Who are the readers of your book? (And don't say "everyone" because it's not true.) Once you know who your audience is, ask yourself what those people care about.  With this answer you can put your marketing attentions to where those people hang out. This allows you to slide into a market sideways, so to speak. So if your reader is a recently retired baby boomer, for example, think of the things that this person is also interested in; maybe travel, financial planning, grandchildren or health. How does your book relate to those topics? What groups do those people belong to on FB, and what #chats do they follow on Twitter? Having a presence in those places makes sense even if they aren't the exact topic of your book.

Great response. You have a firm handle on the first step: know your audience. Then learn where they all hang out. The new world of online marketing is about engagement and community. Not how many likes you have. Likes have to convert into sales. That is where the consistency comes in. You need to build trust. The old methods of sales do not work with this new reader. 

Thank you for your input. 


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