I'll be offering consulting services for writers who want to write compelling time travel fiction that reflects the current scientific developments which rule out such usual elements as paradoxes, infinite time loops, going faster than light, etc.

Readers and fans of time travel sci fi are keeping up with such developments and what used to be acceptable is losing its charm - see the poor ratings of NBC's Timeless for example, which suffers from a producer and writers who don't give a damn about self-consistency within a plot line and dissed time travel fans directly. I predicted that the show would get cancelled and it did but fan outcry won them a half, 2nd season which began last month. After 3 episodes so far, each episode has done worse in the ratings than the one before. If the next episode continues this trend, I predict that Timeless has run out of time for good.

The actual conditions under which true time travel would be possible are still compelling and new to readers outside of the technical fields. As such, making the shift to writing under the new rules will differentiate your work from the others, automatically making it fresher and more original. 

I don't write science fiction myself. I am the leading scientific researcher on the subject of time travel and have done the experiments proving the connection between retrocausality, time... I authored the special report to select members of Congress on time travel science, now the book, Paradox Lost:The True Geometries of Time Travel. I have expertise in theory, physics and technology and can advise a writer on the best way to realize their story line so that it both makes sense and is compelling. 

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