What are your challenges as Spiritual Writers? Do you notice a change in the publishing arena

How are you reaching your audiences? We are noticing changes in traditional publishing and we want to know what you see? What avenues are available to you to reach your audiences? What successes have you had. We know as spiritual writers that we want to follow some kind of mission to exchange ideas. But what do we have to do to achieve that? 

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In my book Memoir Revolution, I claim that writers are increasingly turning to memoir writing in order to share their experiences directly through the language of story.

Using the story of self, memoir writers share their own glimpses of a spiritual presence in their lives. For example, Sukey Forbes' mainstream memoir Angel in My Pocket is about the tragic loss of her daughter, but she overtly shares her discoveries about life after life and communicating across the veil. Lorraine Ash does something similar in her two books Life Touches Life about the loss of her stillborn baby and Self and Soul goes to the next step in exploring her relationship to all souls through spirituality. In Expecting Adam, another mainstream memoir, Martha Beck shares her visionary experience of angels as she awaits the birth of her down-syndrome son. In my memoir, Thinking My Way to the End of the World, I share the power of a spiritual belief system to rescue me from drowning in my own confusion.

So I guess I've already done mine. Is the culture curious about reading it? I'm not sure yet. I'd be happy to find my audience, though, so I can sell more books.



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