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   I pray for Gods guidance rather than success.  I don't think you write well if your first thought is "Am I going to become successful at this and inherit all that comes with success."  Where is the passion and the creativity if that is your first thought. 

Yes, I talk to the Lord about publishing, first of all, and yes, about succeeding at it. Succeeding would not necassarily mean becoming the next Joel Osteen or C.S. Lewis. To me success would mean, graduating from 'writer' to published author.

Every morning I pray to be a blessing to someone. In writing my current book, I pray His thoughts and words fill the pages -and for Him to use me as a tool to reach leaders needing to hear my message. I pray for publishing success but only if it is His will. If it's not, I'd rather not face the consequences of struggling down a selfish path, having to repeat lessons already learned.

We live in a world of dissipating Christian influence and that must Change.  The enemy of all of our souls has an agenda; we should too as we look to our God for what our assignment could be. He says : "Go ye", so I do!   The first time I spoke to God about my writing, I remember clearly asking Him to open a door for my writing, and almost immediately, He did.  However; I had to put my best foot forward in asking, and then before waiting to hear from Heaven in a bolt of lightning or otherwise, I made a call to a Christian newspaper that I had sent some of my earlier stories to, and said: "I have a story to pitch you", meaning I would love it if you would consider compensating me for my work. I previously had sent stories to this paper for free.

The publisher came back with, "Keep your piece to 500 words and I will buy it."  I remember questioning her if I should tell her a bit about my story first.  She said, "No, I've seen your writing and it is good."  This same story went on to become an article in Angels on Earth magazine, a sister arm of Guide Post Magazine.  I have been writing since age 15.  

Cheers, Don


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